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What does the profession of astrologer mean and how did you come to practice it?I got into curiosity after the revolution. I wanted to do something new and take advantage of freedom. Initially, I wanted to find out what was going on and, little by little, I saw that astrology is such a vast and fascinating field that I started studying, as if I went to college.I am a meditative thread and I am curious to know how she lives, why certain things happen, and astrology fits well with my inner demands. It is a way of knowing the human universe and the factors that make us so.Astrology has been a passion that has turned into a job, and as time passes, the more I enrich my knowledge and I can check whether what I estimate is true or not.The Dog of the Earth. Overall, prospects are positive. However, the year 2018 will be marked by some tense configurations. To keep your peace, it would be in your best interests to adopt a balanced lifestyle right from the beginning of the year. Be careful about your diet and think about how to do to stay out of the fresh air. Indeed, you will tend to live too much indoors, you will forget to walk around and keep in touch with nature. There is a whole world to explore!

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